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The A11Y Project Team

The A11Y Project Team's website

The maintainers who help run this site.

Alex Brenon

Alex Brenon's website

Research Assistant for ESD and Classics at UMass Amherst. Creator of Pop-Up Astronomy.

Andrew Nevins

Andrew Nevins's website

I'm a front-end developer helping people remove barriers from the Web.

Anh Pham

Anh Pham's website

Hi! I'm software engineer based in Vancouver, Canada. I care deeply about accessibility and technology for social good.

Cameron Cundiff

Cameron Cundiff's website

Cameron is a software development leader, immersive tech pioneer, and accessibility specialist.

Cooper Hollmaier

Cooper Hollmaier's website

Cooper is a Technical SEO, developer, and accessibility specialist.

Dave Rupert

Dave Rupert's website

I'm Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel. I co-host ShopTalk, an award-winning sound effects podcast that also covers web development. I'm a dad to two wonderful kids. I live in Austin, TX; the best damn city, in the best damn state, in the best damn country, in the whole damn world.

Duncan Jimbo

Duncan Jimbo's website

Howdy! I'm Duncan, a front-end developer focused on design systems.

Emily Ogle

Emily Ogle's website

Emily Ogle (she/her) lives in a condo with her two cats. They're often subject to her photography experiments whenever she gets a new lens. Emily will someday get a real, real camera that has all the things. When not snapping a shot of her two furbabies, she is snickering whenever anyone says they live “x miles above x city,” avidly watching fantasy shows, or reading something, probably by Stephen King. She happily works in the accessibility space but slightly wishes she didn't have such solid job security (slightly) given so much need for it. She's trying to make the world a more accessible place, one cat at a time. (What? Cats deserve access to software too!)

Emma Patricios

Emma Patricios's website

I develop dynamic and responsive websites that are easy to use and look fantastic on any device.

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey's website

I help create straightforward solutions that address a person’s practical, physical, cognitive, and emotional needs using accessible, performant, device-agnostic technology.

Erik Runyon

Erik Runyon's website

I am the Technical Director and a web developer for Marketing Communications at the University of Notre Dame.

Federico Monaco

Federico Monaco's website

Color-blind user experience designer focused on accessibility and inclusion.

Franklyn Roth

Franklyn Roth's website

Front-End developer focused on delivering rich web applications in the vue.js and node.js ecosystems.

Dennis Gaebel

Dennis Gaebel's website

I'm Dennis. I specialize in SVG Animations, UI Prototyping, Visual Design, and building Modular Atomic Design Systems for the Web. I also consult and write about it.

Guilherme Simões

Guilherme Simões's website

I'm a Software Engineer, currently working at Sky. I have a passion for technology, data visualization and open-source.

Hamsa Harcourt

Hamsa Harcourt's website

Hi, Hamsa Harcourt here, currently juggling the reins of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Technical Writing & Software Development.

Kelly Gillit

Kelly Gillit's website

Digital designer and accessibility advocate. Skilled in leading teams across all industries and disciplines towards creating accessible design systems for all platforms.

Kilian Valkhof

Kilian Valkhof's website

Creator of the Polypane browser for developers and designers, passionate about web development, accessibility and helping developers get better at their job.

Lucia Cerchie

Lucia Cerchie's website

Fullstack developer passionate about web accessibility and blogging. Gets going with coffee, winds down with yoga. Always learning.

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia's website

Father, accessibility evangelist, video gamer, proof checker, and solver of problems.

Marcy Sutton

Marcy Sutton's website

Independent web developer and accessibility specialist. Camera-toting hiker, biker, pie baker.

Mat Marquis

Mat Marquis's website

My name is Mat “Wilto” Marquis, and I make websites. I’m an independent consultant. My specialization is inclusive web development.

Matthew Higgins

Matthew Higgins's website

Software generalist. Avid coffee drinker. Sometimes runner.

Michele A. Williams, PhD

Michele A. Williams, PhD's website

UX and Accessibility Consultant.

Monika Piotrowicz

Monika Piotrowicz's website

Director of International UX at Shopify, leading a globally distributed team, localizing a product.

Nat Tarnoff

Nat Tarnoff's website

Founder of MadHackerHaus and Rolled Up Sleeves, LLC. Advocate for accessibility in developing the internet and mobile technology.

Scott O'Hara

Scott O'Hara's website

Scott O'Hara is a designer and developer based outside of Boston MA. He writes code and cares a ton about building great, accessible user experiences for everyone.

Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett's website

Steve is a web site maker, teacher / trainer, picture-taker, and avid gamer. He helps teams have happier customers and make better software by becoming more human-centered.

Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson's website

Hi. I'm Susan Robertson, a design implementer. I spend my days thinking about HTML, CSS, accessibility and design systems.

Scott Vinkle

Scott Vinkle's website

Hi, I'm Scott. Web accessibility consultant and front end engineer from Toronto, Canada.

Thomas Sjögren

Thomas Sjögren's website

UX focused front-end developer with passion for behaviour-driven design.

…and maybe you!

…and maybe you!'s website

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