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$10 for 10k

We are happy to announce that we have reached 10,000 followers on Twitter! This is wonderful news. It means more and more people are becoming interested in digital accessibility. It also means the reach of our message has grown significantly.

To commemorate this event, we have donated $1,000 USD to NV Access, a not-for-profit organization that supports the development of the NVDA screen reader. NVDA is free, and well-regarded assistive technology. It is supported by community efforts.

If you have enjoyed The A11Y Project’s social media feed, and if you are able, we ask that you consider donating $10 to NV Access to help us celebrate the event. If you use Twitter, we also encourage you to use the #TenDollarsForTenK hashtag to help spread awareness.

Thank you for believing in The A11Y Project’s mission, and for supporting us.

If you are interested in following us on social media, we maintain a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as a weekly newsletter.