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Learn the fundamentals and principles behind accessible design

Lindsey Kopacz

The Bootcamper's Guide to Web Accessibility

This book is geared towards bootcamp grads and self-guided front end web developers that explains the crucial takeaways of accessibility standards and makes them less intimidating.

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Michele Williams

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Understanding how people use their computing devices is vital to understanding the diversity of disability in technology. In this video, Michele explains what “making technology accessible” means.

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Conduct an accessibility audit

This checklist uses the The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a reference point. This checklist targets many, but not all level A and AA concerns.

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The letters AAA in pink and teal.
Photo of Eriol Fox.

Eriol Fox

Human-rights centred designer

Meet the community

Eriol works part-time as the lead designer at The Open Food Network and spends the other days of the week doing freelance projects, open source design contributions and then working on their PhD research, which is around humanitarian open source software and designer contributions.

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Tools, books, videos, podcasts, newsletters, even professional help! A lot of people have made a lot of great things to help you out. We collect them to help you discover and explore.

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