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Amy Carney

Amy Carney's website

Hi! My name is Amy and my craft is web design. The bulk of my background lies in psychology and libraries. I care about how people think, how they interact with others and technology, and how information is accessed by everyone.

    Segun Ola

    Segun Ola's website

    Iā€™m a frontend web developer working with Andela Nigeria. I work with Andela partners to build highly interactive and accessible web applications.

      Anna E. Cook

      Anna E. Cook's website

      Iā€™m a Senior Product Designer at Recurly. I lead product design efforts within one of our Scrum teams.

        Eriol Fox

        Eriol Fox's website

        I work part-time as the lead designer at The Open Food Network and spend the other days of the week doing freelance projects, open source design contributions and then working on my PhD research, which is around humanitarian open source software and designer contributions.

          Nic Steenhout

          Nic Steenhout's website

          I am an independent accessibility consultant. I work with large and small organizations. I help them improve the accessibility of their websites. I guide them through the creation or improvement of their culture of accessibility.

            Alex Chen

            Alex Chen's website

            By day, Iā€™m a product designer who specializes in usability and accessibility. I believe that access to technology is a human right. In my spare time I love to train mixed martial arts, care for my house plants, and experiment with illustration and collage.

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