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A11Y Project news.


Detailed information about project news and updates.

$10 for 10k

Published on by The A11Y Project Team

The A11Y Project does not recommend using accessibility overlay products

Published on by The A11Y Project Team

These kinds of products are actively harmful, and a step backwards for digital accessibility efforts.

Let’s support inert!

Published on by The A11Y Project Team

Igalia working on HTML’s inert attribute represents a great opportunity to move web accessibility forward.

2020 Redesign

Published on by The A11Y Project Team

The A11Y Project has redesigned!


Notable updates to our website.

1.5.0, March update

1.4.0, October update

1.3.0, September update

1.2.0, Post-launch improvements

  • Add Wayne, Soren, Jen, and Saptak.
  • Add checklist items and permalinks to our Checklist.
  • Adds font size variables and utility classes.
  • Adds color utility classes.
  • Add a custom 404 page.
  • Add a contact form.
  • Add new resources.
  • Add redirects.
  • Remove unused CSS when the site compiles.
  • Remove anchor links for post headings.
  • Use the site's version to bust cached assets.
  • Replaces Google Analytics in favor of Netlify Analytics.
  • Restore missing posts.
  • Fixes Stylelint errors.
  • Fixes broken links.
  • Fixes broken Open Graph share images.
  • Fixes duplicated authors.
  • Fixes CSS layout bugs.

1.1.0, Post-launch updates

  • Add a CodeTour.
  • Resolve JavaScript and Sass linting issues.
  • Update Open Graph preview images.
  • Re-introduce missing post.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Fix text overflow issues.
  • Fix avatar sizes.
  • Remove Google Analytics
  • Post-launch content tweaks and fixes.

1.0.0, Redesign