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Detailed information about project news and updates.

Let’s support inert!

Published on

Igalia working on HTML’s inert attribute represents a great opportunity to move web accessibility forward.

2020 Redesign

Published on

The A11Y Project has redesigned!


Notable updates to our website.

1.4.0, October update

1.3.0, September update

1.2.0, Post-launch improvements

  • Add Wayne, Soren, Jen, and Saptak.
  • Add checklist items and permalinks to our Checklist.
  • Adds font size variables and utility classes.
  • Adds color utility classes.
  • Add a custom 404 page.
  • Add a contact form.
  • Add new resources.
  • Add redirects.
  • Remove unused CSS when the site compiles.
  • Remove anchor links for post headings.
  • Use the site's version to bust cached assets.
  • Replaces Google Analytics in favor of Netlify Analytics.
  • Restore missing posts.
  • Fixes Stylelint errors.
  • Fixes broken links.
  • Fixes broken Open Graph share images.
  • Fixes duplicated authors.
  • Fixes CSS layout bugs.

1.1.0, Post-launch updates

  • Add a CodeTour.
  • Resolve JavaScript and Sass linting issues.
  • Update Open Graph preview images.
  • Re-introduce missing post.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Fix text overflow issues.
  • Fix avatar sizes.
  • Remove Google Analytics
  • Post-launch content tweaks and fixes.

1.0.0, Redesign