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Contribute to keeping The A11Y Project running.

How to sponsor

Thank you for considering us! Please contact us to get a conversation started. In addition, you can make a donation via Open Collective.

What you will receive for sponsorship

You will get a banner added to the sponsorship area of each page of this website. This banner can link to a website or web app of your choosing. In terms of exposure, The A11Y Project offers:

What your sponsorship will be used for

The A11Y Project is run entirely by volunteer effort. Its maintainers do not pay themselves for the work they put into the website.

Your sponsorship is primarily used to pay the authors who contribute posts. Creating solid, well-researched information about accessibility deserves to be rewarded.

The remainder is used to pay the fees for services we use to keep this site running. These services include:

Sponsorship funds are stored in a dedicated bank account.

Sponsorship evaluation

Offers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We prefer to work with organizations who have a positive relationship with the web community and mission statements that align with our values.