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Featured resource: Inclusive UX: Designing Websites

Can you describe what the course is about?

In a world that depends on technology for everything from navigating traffic to buying groceries, prioritizing UX that includes people of all abilities is crucial. Follow along as UX designer and accessibility expert Regine Gilbert walks you through the key principles you need to be aware of as you design for a universal audience.

What were your goals in making this course?

My goals for the course included why inclusive design benefits everyone, provide students with tools and resources for inclusive design and things to consider while conducting user research and testing.

What is one important thing someone taking your course will learn?

Students in the course will learn about web accessibility and inclusive design, from a User Experience perspective.

Is there any other info you'd like to share about it, or your experience doing accessibility work?

For those who are new to accessibility and looking to learn more, I recommend my book, Inclusive Design for a Digital World.