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Featured resource: Introduction to Web Accessibility

Can you describe what the video is about?

Geared towards technology professionals (current and future), this video explains what we mean by “making technology accessible” – that is, the inclusion of users who have disabilities in the consideration of how we create technology. This includes an introduction of assistive technology, the definition of accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and other considerations one can make as a tech professional in the various lifecycle roles.

What were your goals in creating this video?

Often accessibility is introduced haphazardly – such as once someone is in their industry job and the company suddenly needs to address accessibility. Or accessibility is not introduced at all when learning a technical field. This video is meant to provide a foundational understanding that provides context for other resources (such as WCAG) and hopefully spawns a desire to continue learning how to create more inclusive technology.

What is one important thing someone watching your video will learn?

That they can learn more about assistive technology through exploring their own computing devices. Understanding how people are using their computing device to accomplish tasks is vital to accounting for the diversity of disability in technology.

Is there any other info you'd like to share about it, or your experience doing accessibility work?

This video represents who I am as a consultant – someone how wants you to understand and appreciate accessibility fully by recognizing your point-of-view and introducing accessibility in relatable ways.