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Featured resource: The Bootcamper's Guide to Web Accessibility

Can you describe what the book is about?

Geared toward bootcamp grads and self guided front end web developers, this book explains the crucial takeaways of accessibility standards and makes them less intimidating. We investigate and learn the fixes to the most common accessibility mistakes, demystify ARIA, and learn more about accessible interactive patterns with JavaScript.

What were your goals in writing the book?

I wanted to help other web developers who shy away from accessibility because they are intimidated or overwhelmed by the specs. I also wanted to fill in an educational gap I saw in bootcamp curriculum and "intro to coding" tutorials.

What is one important thing someone reading your book will learn?

That it is our responsibility as web professionals to do what we can to help fight ableism, and that coding accessible web sites is only one part of the problem.

Is there any other info you'd like to share about it, or your experience doing accessibility work?

This books represents what I've learned over the past 7 years as a web accessibility professional and blogger. My goal is to be transparent and break down intimidating "web speak" into relatable terms.